Wisconsin Academy, People & Ideas

“Kutz’s composition is a response to the beauty and bold nature of Bruce Crownover’s art, and to the dire fact that the glaciers are melting at a rapid pace. … This result of these interrelated projects involving scientists, artists, and musicians, is a story of melting glaciers and of loss, and a story of hope through creativity, science, and collaboration.”

Summer 2022, Melody for a Melting Glacier

Prog Magazine, UK

“The euphonious elements at the heart of Snarky Puppy’s appeal are also present in Mr. Chair’s debut, Nebulebula (Bandcamp), a Wisconsin-based quartet boasting dolorous trombone and fizzing keyboards. Wide, accomodating grooves also play host to guesting players and occasional vocal/spoken passages on a double album that’s largely comfortable, genteel listening.” – Sid Smith

February 2020, Issue 106

Tone Madison

“The full effect of the record’s ebb and flow and cosmic curiosity are difficult to initially quantify, like binging a TV series that continuously fosters its own intrigue through shrewd synthesis of genre elements. Mr. Chair’s compositions follow playful and cerebral impulses all at once (the album title reads like some kind of astronomical in-joke).” – Grant Phipps

Top 20 Madison Records of 2019

Anya Kubilus

Channel 3000

The Majestic show spotlighted many of the band’s collaborators, including Stephen Meyers, UW-Madison’s Vilas Distinguished Professor of Geoscience. Onstage, Meyers recalled being inspired after first seeing the band play live, to commission them to perform a newly composed piece – it would be the album’s title track, Nebulebula – during his intro to geoscience course.” – Joel Patenaude

Mr. Chair brings its music into the classroom

Local Sounds Magazine (full album review)

The avant garde and art jazz scene in Madison has been flourishing over the last few years and Mr. Chair prove just how vital and vibrant it is. This is a world-class group, not just deserving of local accolades but those on a much higher plane. Their brand of fusion reaches across genres like an octopus. Here’s hoping they get the recognition they deserve for this rich tapestry of monumental, boundary-pushing art. It’s so exciting to know this music is being made in Madison.” – Rick Tvedt

Mr. Chair – Nebulebula

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